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"agile and courageous"

- Chicago Tribune

"unceasingly amusing"

- Ernest Albrecht, Spectacle Magazine

"an immensely gifted comic...a living cartoon character"

- See Chicago Dance

"convulses the audience with laughter"

- McDonough Voice

"She is one of my most favorite coaches/people in the entire history of forever. I ADORE her. She is my dream coach."

 - Student

"clown jewel"

- Shanghai Daily

"remarkable...I've never seen anyone contact juggler her own head before"

- Juggle Magazine

"Star quality"

Seattle Fine Arts Examiner

"The show-stopping highlight, hands down, was an absolutley brilliant Amanda Crockett.

Whether cavorting and contorting on a high trapeze or twisting like a pretzel while rolling a derby, end over end, up and down her string-bean-limbs, this straw-haried scarecrow is

a one of a kind who does it all.

if circus is about thrill, chills, spills and laughs, this gal is the real thing. Plus, she mimes like a mirror."

- The Enterprise

Amanda Crockett's silent, Chaplinesque hat act was engagingly whimsical"

- The Chicago Reader

"her trapeze act, performed with daring abandon, is a highlight of the show"

- Ernest Albrecht, Spectacle Magazine

...a vituoso of hat manipulation. She has moves that will amaze you, amuse you, and totally seduce you"

 - Avner the Eccentric

"...nothing short of  breathtaking."

- Ernest Albrecht, Spectacle Magazine

"Watching you, it's like you're doing everything

for the first time. I love it!"

-Carlos Santana

"Crockett nearly steals the show...  she exudes joy with a deft touch and impeccable timing"

-KDHX St. Louis

"I'm so grateful for all the progress we made! It's been an absolute pleasure .... You're one of the most inspiring trainers I've ever had."


"...nothing short of  breathtaking."

- Ernest Albrecht, Spectacle Magazine

"Amanda helped me to feel condident and overcome obstacles in my training. I had been plateauing for some time and after just one lesson I could see improvement. I can't wait to work with her again!"

- Student

"Crockett nearly steals the show...  she exudes joy with a deft touch and impeccable timing"

-KDHX St. Louis

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